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  • “C3 is energetic, engaging, professional, and current! From their use of media, humor, props, games, music selection, research, and personal testimony, students are engaged from the moment they enter the setting! C3 addresses any relevant issue within the youth culture… from motivation to achieve, suicide prevention, drugs, dating violence, or any other identified topics/needs requested. They are fully prepared and eager to serve the community. Their impact has truly enriched our educational environment!”

    Dana Benton and Cherie Gopffarth Timber Creek High School Counselors
  • “Beyond teaching and equipping. C3 has been there for me personally when I needed advice and someone to lean on. The staff is made up of some of the most sincere people who genuinely care about building up the next generation. They truly inspire and mold passion and potential in their students that helps them reach far more than what they thought they were capable of succeeding.”

    Emma Lindgren Former Student
  • “The team at C3 Student Leadership has been invaluable at our campus. They are always willing to create new and powerful presentations for our student body on topics ranging from dating violence to self-motivation and achievement. Each presentation is new and interesting, and impacts all who attend. The students are engaged and cannot(We have brought students for our Leadership trip to this country to serve the people there).t wait to speak one on one with the presenters when the program is over. We always look forward to their presence and truly value the impact they have on our students.”

    Heather Alexander Fossil Ridge High School Counselor
  • “Before the Trinidad Summer Leadership Trip I was honestly shy and never really tried to go out of my comfort zone and talk to other people. With C3 Student Leadership’s lessons every night and the things we did in Trinidad, it helped me become the leader I am now. I’ll never forget the things C3 Student Leadership taught me, and I’ll never forget who brought out the leader in me. I’m not afraid to talk to people anymore. I really really appreciate everything C3 Student Leadership has done for me!”

    Kaitlyn Keller Central High School Student
  • “As a student who recently graduated from high school I know first hand the struggles teenagers are exposed to in today’s society. C3 built in me a foundation that gives me the confidence to succeed in whatever life has in store for me. C3 has give me a way to raise the bar in my generation.”

    Nick Mulenos Former Student
  • “I am in full support of C3 Student Leadership. It is a valuable asset to our community of young people in Keller and the surrounding area as our youth are facing increasing challenges in a society with declining morals. This gives our students a solid foundation to build their lives on.”

    Kimberly Matlock Pediatrician Cook’s Children’s Hospital
  • “C3 has been the greatest influence on my life in developing my character and leadership skills. Through the irreplaceable relationships I have formed with the staff and other students, I have been encouraged to look higher and strive for more in life."

    Sam Newby Former Student
  • “Being on the Summer Leadership Trip in Trinidad really opened my eyes to the things we don’t see in America, and it was powerful to see the change and influence 22 people can bring to a foreign country!”

    Justin Coram Deo Academy Student
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